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Hybrid cloud network connectivity and SD-Exchange
Who needs a good network connectivity?

[ Oct 25, 2018 ]

Public cloud service is now ever so popular among ICT environment. Many companies use SaaS, IaaS or PaaS services in everyday business in some shape or form. In a typical business environment connectivity to a cloud service is dependent on internet network speed which feeds into the office space. The topic of quality, security or performance of connectivity never arises between a user and a cloud service. If a user experiences slow connectivity or glitch in connection, the user has to either consider changing ISP (internet service provider) or accept the limitation. So why there are various WAN (Wide Area Network) products claiming to provide high security or/and quality assured network connection.

Modern ICT system is diverse, spread, large-scale and can be complicated. Hosted servers, public cloud service, private cloud service, and third-party SaaS products are intertwined with a network or the internet. To maintain the performance of an ICT system, the connectivity of each service point is crucial and without the ICT system will fail to operate. A slow connection can cause unexpected timeout errors hanging an application's performance. A glitch in the network connection may result in data corruption or loss. These create cascading effect throughout the system causing all sort of issues, which are often very hard to debug. Having good network connection can prevent from catastrophic damage, and this is why there are products like Megaport to assure and protect a system from bad networks.

So who needs good connections. Following are the list of the type of business may benefit from NTT communication and Megaport solution.

  • Small-to-midsize businesses
  • Company with multiple overseas bases
  • Business requires high security

For small-to-midsize businesses, it might be rare to have an entire system in a data center. Often modern ICT system consists from mix of on-premise and cloud solutions. In this circumstance, having reliable network connectivity becomes essential to keep up with the overall performance of the business. The reason is simple. Business data will not stay at one point, and it will travel through service to a service through networks making solutions functional for required business activities. Any data corruption or data loss directly affects the performance of the business activity and sometimes results in a loss of profit. If a core system in a data center requires data from various cloud service, consistent quality in network connectivity is one of the crucial factors in maintaining data integrity. Without a stable network, the core system may have to wait or sometimes lose data essential for business activity. Having guaranteed connectivity prevent a company from a damaging scenario and result in more robust business performance.

For a company with multiple bases including overseas bases, not all connection endpoints are in the same country. Connection endpoint of a cloud service may not exist in the same region where headquarters exists. And the quality of the connection differs from regions to regions. The difference in network connection quality can cause an unwanted bottleneck in an ICT system, data and information will not propagate smoothly among the system. Having unified network connectivity among offices, headquarters, and service endpoints help ICT management to predict system capability, which results in a more stable overall system performance.

For security point of view, having a dedicated end-to-end connection improves network security. To have a secure connection to the public cloud service often involved pre-registration and extra added cost. Some may need to manage additional device such as network gateway hardware to retain the service. And it can be costly and put more stress on operations. The benefit of adapting Megaport is that all the initial setup is done and users have not need to manage any devices themselves to gain secure connectivity.

NTT Communications (Thailand) Co., Ltd. launched the latest SD-Exchange Service with Megaport, a leading Network as a Service (NaaS) provider, allowing customers in Thailand to have direct, and secure access to the world leading cloud service providers (CSPs) from NTT Com’s Bangkok 2 Data Center, conveniently.
The service offers one-stop multi-cloud, ease of use, rapid deployment, cost efficiency and flexibility.

A core system or a mainframe system in a data center, file storage in public cloud service, customer relationship management (CRM) services, Marketing automation (MA) tools and more, all of these components interconnect via the internet. By having NTT communications’ SD-Exchange service with Megaport, all of the above-mentioned services can be connected by managed networks with guaranteed quality and performance with high security.

NTT Communications Thailand’s Hybrid Cloud Solution

NTT Communications Thailand’s Hybrid Cloud Solution

Tips: Thailand

Comment from Hiroki Takemura, Senior Manager, Product & Service Department

Demand for cloud-based applications is sharply increasing among Thai Enterprises. Modern ICT system is diverse, spread, large-scale and can be complicated. Therefore, a secure, fast, and stable connection to a cloud environment offers distinct advantages. We think that enterprise need to focusing more about cloud connectivity and secure direct access. Besides they need to be ready and prepare new solution which can integrate with the existing ICT environment to create faster, more reliable and much more secure connection for their business.

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