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NTT Communications’ Managed Security Service.
Doing all by yourself might not be the best option.

[ Jan 17, 2019 ]

Security is one of the things in ICT that never go out of trend. There are always be new threats and problems emerges from most unexpected timings and places. Implementing security in itself is hard enough task for companies. On top of that keeping up with new technologies, new compliance guidelines, new governance rules and finding and detecting holes in the current security system is whole other theme that companies have to take on.

Doing everything in-house is ideal. However, it is often costly and resource intensive. Monitoring devices and security resources 24 hours and 365 days is very human resource intensive job. Also, security management covers a wide range of tasks requiring various specialty and skills. Followings are the things which organization have to consider to put an adequate security system in place.

  • Monitoring threats and evaluating threats.
  • Monitoring and operating security devices.
  • Conduct digital forensics at a point of incident occurrence.
  • Update security devices and apply patches.
  • Lifecycle management of security devices and products.

NTT Communications' Managed Security service can cover all of the above task one-shots. From building the security system and managing the ICT security operations, NTT Communications' Managed Security service will conduct everything which a company needs for robust security.

List of security service covered by Managed Security service.

Service Category Description Solutions
Infrastructure Protection Network Security Detect and block network-based threats (unauthorized traffic, intrusions, etc.) Firewall, IPS / IDS
Content Security Detect and block network and email-related threats (malware, fraudulent emails) and inappropriate Internet access. Detect and block web application and database threats (unauthorized communications). Email anti-virus,
Web anti-virus,
URL filtering,
Application filtering,
RTMD (Real Time Malware Detection), WAF
VM Security Detect and block unauthorized traffic and malware (known threats) against virtual servers VM-Anti-Virus
VM-Virtual Patch
Service Service Description / example
Risk Management Vulnerability Assessment and Report Uncover network, server and application vulnerabilities.
Automatically provide an active blacklist to a proxy server.
Profiling Uncover hidden threats and potential risks through analysis of network and application traffic.
Real-Time Malware Detection Detect threats hidden in websites and email attachments (unauthorized traffic, malware, etc.) by the sandbox and detection engine on both on-site and cloud environment.
Endpoint Threat Protection Detect, analyze, contain and eradicate threats and recover at endpoint.
Correlation Log Analysis Improve accuracy of hidden threat detection by applying correlation log analysis with non-security devices (proxies, etc.)

Tips: Thailand

Thanawat Wiwatpanit, Deputy Director of Product & Service Department

Cyberthreats continue to be highly sophisticated and companies continue to struggle to detect and respond to attacks when they occur. The endless cycle of newer and faster technology emerging, along with the ability to connect devices faster and in different places, continues to drive the attention of legitimate, tactical efforts to simply keep up with cybersecurity efforts.

Cybersecurity is a moving target because the technology involved is changing so quickly. What is needed is a more strategic focus and understanding of the goals of cybersecurity as well as the responsibilities for every employee to do their part to assure the company is meeting its cybersecurity objectives.

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