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Private Cloud for business and security.
Understanding pros and cons of private cloud compared with public cloud.

[ March 7, 2019 ]

Why private cloud:

Private cloud is best suited for companies which need flexibility, security, and control over operation management. Every company has its own needs and requirement and not all solution out in the world can solve all in one-shot. Private cloud is a highly customizable solution where every feature a company need can be made possible.

Public cloud disadvantage:

Public cloud has been attracting users due to its choices of the turn-key solutions. It is handy for development and testing. And with its high scalability virtually any system can run on the public cloud services. However, the public cloud has its downside. Public cloud is governed and owned by a third party company where everything is directed according to the company's rule. Which means that a Public cloud a black box system and at the event of major system failure or an incident you may not have control over the matter.

For some company, absolute control over the managed system is mandatory. Especially, when a company is dealing with sensitive data and customers such as government clients. And in these cases providing service on private cloud make a lot of sense.

Private cloud is difficult to build and maintain:

Although private cloud could provide a high degree of flexibility, it has its disadvantages.

- The Private cloud has to manage the entire system
Cloud consists of a combination of software and middleware, such as hypervisors, Message Queue, Database, Web Application for management UI, network solutions, storage solutions, etc. All of the components have to be monitored and managed for the cloud to operate.

- Have to be planned and built
Although private cloud provides a highly virtualized solution to end users and seems hardware-less or server-less, at the end of the day, it is running on actual existing hardware in data centers. Sizing of the devices and servers affects the performance and capacity of the private cloud, and the reliability of data center correlates with the stability of the private cloud.

NTT Communications' private cloud solution, will help solve all of the above problems.
Private cloud solution will cater private cloud system using VMware solutions, making it easy and fast to start a private cloud solution in-house ready for business use. All private cloud system is build according to requested specifications and needs of the company.

Private cloud with VMware setup

All private cloud will can be hosted in NTT Communications’ datacenters. NTT Communications' data centers are all compliant with global standards and certifications assuring the security of the private cloud system with a wide range of IT management service fulfilling custom needs.
Connectivity to world top public cloud services are preestablished thus seamless transformation to hybrid cloud setup is made possible.

NTT Private Cloud Solution – Component

Tips: Thailand

Comment from Thanawat Wiwatpanit, Deputy Director, Product & Service Department

Private cloud with One-Stop-Shop Managed Service model which customizable with any business, Enterprise can run business without concerning about infrastructure, and investment matter. then they can focus more on their Business Operation and Strategy.

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