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DaaS and Modern video call solutions.
Making a change to company work style with ICT.

[ Apr 22, 2019 ]

Recent advancement of Business ICT is allowing a new and efficient approach to work. A time lag induced by geological distance or time difference is almost negligible nowadays. International business is ever so fluent and fast moving. Also, the new advance in technology is starting to make a change in business workstyle itself. DaaS, "Desktop as a Service", and smartphones allow employees to access a corporate resource by applications. Fast internet connection allows multi-ended video conference with negligible time delay. Almost all operation is capable of conducting from a remote site, and the main functionality of the office is now possible to digitalize and fits in data centers.

For a modern business environment, the power of ICT cannot be ignored. Also, there are benefits in incorporating before-mentioned technology.

The benefit of DaaS:

DaaS is a solution which virtualizes desktop environment accessible over a network. So worker's desktop environment is now hosted on virtual machines on a server, not in the local device. Having desktop environments in virtual machines allows the company to conduct updates actively with less time. Also according to the required performance of a task can scale without updating hardware.

Security wise DaaS can improve the security of the company's assets. Allowing employees to only to access the internet via DaaS prevent from any direct attack to local devices. In any occasion of a security breach on a DaaS, security operator can terminate DaaS instance immediately to stop any further incident. And only allowing internet connection through DaaS local devices are shielded from threat originating from the internet and external attacks.

The benefit of modern video call solutions:

Modern video call solutions can consolidate end connections and unify multiple service accounts. For example, there are various solutions out there allowing people to connect with video calls, but and managing accounts and software can be controlled by IT admin. Managed conference solution enables calls to various output without any overhead. Also, high connectivity allows users to join a call at a remote location on mobile phones.

NTT communications provides solutions and services for business work style transformation.

DaaS and Video Conference Solution

100% SLA (power) Disaster Free Area

Global Top 5 Network Provider

On-site Operation Monitoring

Tips: Thailand

Hiroki Takemura
Senior Manager, Product & Service Department

Workstyles for business people in Thailand and around the world are undergoing a transformation. Meetings with overseas, branch offices and customers can be held at any time and anywhere via a web conference, greatly reducing travel time and costs. Along with the development of ICT, it is not only end points such as smartphones, tablets, PCs, but also data management and risk hedging for security incidents are very important. NTT's Workstyle Renovation is a key solution that combines convenience and security.

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