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3D modeling workflow can be shared and secured.

[ Jul 10, 2018 ]

What is 3D VDI

3D VDI is a VDI (Virtual Desktop interface) solution specialized for 3D modeling. By installing high-performance GPU units to server hardware workers can work on 3D modeling from VDI allowing workers to work any where.

Security Benefits

VDI solutions only streams desktop images to a client machine, so no raw data will remain on client preventing from data leakage by a human error. All working data are stored in secure storage preventing cyber theft and other cyber-attacks.

Since the nature of the system, 3D VDI solution should be in a centralized location with stable connectivity such as data center. The fully equipped data center with high quality facilities will provide stable connection, sufficient cooling and power supply making 3D VDI system resilient from disasters and sustain business continuity.

Usability Benefits

By having all data on a server, any worker with collect authorization could access data around the world without transforming a large 3D data over the internet. Workers can share updates on their work much seamlessly enhancing the productivity of projects.

Workers need access to the 3D VDI, but machine it connects to does not need to be that powerful. All hardware and software required for work are hosted, so workers need minimal machine power and environment making workers free from hardware updates and software updates to keep up with industry speed. The side benefit of not needing a workstation or high power machine on workers desk is that it will create more office space, less noise from cooling fans and less heat generated from a computer. Overall, by having 3D VDI workers will benefit from improvement in the work environment, including hardware asset management.

Cost Benefits

Instead of all workers owning a high-power machine, workers can work from any devices which have network access. 3D VDI solution will centralize computation power to a server, so all the computation is done on server side. Business will benefit from the reduction of hardware purchase and maintenance cost.

3D VDI system offers software 3D rendering and hardware 3D rendering depending on the workload required. The feature will balance the GPU usage over users making the entire system flexible. If needed, a user can access hardware GPU from virtual desktops providing more intense performance.

Considering 3D VDI, what to look out.
Sizing and capacity measurement is an essential factor to consider.

  • Distinguish what kind of GPU usage is expected by the majority of users.
  • Identify the number of users at peak time.
  • Network capacity or speed of network required.
  • Size of 3D data

There is a rule of thumb when considering sizing of 3D VDI system. Following diagram shows which work types and data types requires more GPUs. Usually, more complicated the design and larger the amount of the data become the user need access to dedicated GPU time.

What NTT Communications offers.

Graphical 3D VDI Solution Powered by VMware Horizon View and NVIDIA GRID.

It was considered to be difficult to carry out 3D CAD or graphics production with VDI. However, the collaboration of Nvidia, GPU manufacturer, and VMware, VDI bender, made the operation of 3D CAD and other sophisticated graphics on VDI possible.

Tips: Thailand

Thaweephong Kloyvitee, Assistant Manager, Sales Consulting Department of NTT Communications (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

"Working with high density image or 3D image is complicated because of a large data processing when you upload, download or migrate 3D/Graphic image. Customer has to prepare working environment as high power hardware asset and network to be ready for effective working with large data over the internet. They also have to realize about preventing on data leakage which is related with copyright. So the high quality of working environment goes along with high budgetary as well.
We concern these problems. So we decide to develop our 3D Virtual Desktop Infrastructure or 3D VDI to improve working environment of high density 3D/Graphic image."

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