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Privacy Policy

This public website of NTT Communications (Thailand) is provided as a service to our customers. When customers use this website (such as to shop online, fill out surveys, submit inquiries, register e-mail addresses and use other services on a voluntary basis), they may be asked to provide some private information.


The information that customers will be asked to provide mainly includes their name, address (and billing address), phone number and email address. This information will enable NTT Communications (Thailand) to provide its customers with services and service information. Customers may be asked to provide additional data for the purpose of improving customer service. In such cases, some of the requested information may be withheld, while certain questions will have to be answered. In addition, NTT Communications (Thailand) will not alter the confidential information of its customers without their consent.


Requested information may be provided to third parties, depending on the types of services on the website. (For instance, the company may provide a customer's name and address to a delivery service company.)


NTT Communications (Thailand) takes necessary measures, within reason, to protect the privacy of customers who have visited the website. Depending on the service of the website, the customer may be asked to provide very private information (such as Web money or credit card account info), but such data is protected through encryption and other methods.


NTT Communications (Thailand) may revise the aforementioned policies and will announce such changes on this website.

Regarding Cookies

Cookies make browsing easier for customers who visit the site again at a later time. It neither infringe on the privacy of customers, nor inflict any damage to customers' computers. Users may reject cookies by changing the settings in their browser software. Doing so will not affect the site browsing experience of the user. For details on how to change the browser settings, please ask the developer of the software

Guarantees and Limits on Responsibility

Use of the public website of NTT Communications (Thailand) is the responsibility of the customer. NTT Communications (Thailand) assumes no responsibility whatsoever for any and all damages arising from the use of information taken from this website or from that of other companies that have placed links to their site on this website.

Disclosure of using the personal information

NTT Communications (Thailand) ensure to use personal information provided by customers for disclosed purposes only.
Besides, NTT Communications (Thailand) provides users with the opportunity to opt-out of receiving unsolicited communications from NTT
Communications (Thailand). If at any point in the future you do not wish to receive any unsolicited communications from NTT Communications (Thailand), simply contact our customer relations by email, phone or in writing and our customer relations will remove you from our contact list for the purposes of those communications.

Applicable Laws

This public website of NTT Communications (Thailand) is managed by NTT Communications (Thailand) . Although the site can be accessed from countries around the world, all with differing laws, both customers who have accessed the site and NTT Communications (Thailand) agree that use of this site is bounded by the laws of Thailand regardless of the differences in applicable legal principles.


NTT Communications (Thailand) provides no indication on the website of the suitability of the content for customers' particular environments. Access to the site is by the customer's own free will, and responsibility regarding use of the site lies with the customer

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